We Love Irvine!  July 29-31, 2016


Irvine 50 Committee member Mark Lan presents UCA President Dennis Seid with the plaque that the City of Irvine awarded to the Association in thanks for the successful Irvine 50 Year Homecoming Celebration. They are joined by Irvine 50 organizer and UCA Board Member, Sharon Toji.

Architectural historian (and University Park resident) Alan Hess leads a group on one of his aclaimed "Archtiectural Walk and Talk" tours. Three of them were held during the Irvine 50 Celebration, each one better attended than the last. On Sunday, about 20 people took part. Another tour will take place right before our "After Party" on September 23. The tour will start at 5:30 sharp in front of the entrance to the community building at Unviersity Community Park, 1 Beech Tree, Irvine.

Irvine 50 Committee members Roberta Dieter and Nancy Rielly, accompanied by event coordinator Irene Stockwell went out in the community to tell people about the event, armed with posters, flyers and balloons in the logo colors.

Six original "sixty-sixers" who came to the irvine 50 Homecoming celebration. Norah Levesque (Atlanta, GA), Amy Levesque (Paso Robles, CA), Anne-Marie Sircello (Los Angeles), Pier Sircello (Hilo, HI), Jennifer Vassos (Los Angeles), Emily Vassos (San Francisco). They all went to UP Elementary, Rancho Middle School, University H.S. (and were in performing arts with Hal O'Neal). They all moved in to Village One in 1966, and lived within two blocks of each other until they went off to college -- and had a lot of fun catching up at the celebration!